It’s Saturday

Dre Beloved with his setup at the Under House.

All I can say is WOW. Dre came over today and Dre being Dre, he brought over not a CD with beats… he brought over his WHOLE computer setup with his board and everything. A lot of you will know Dre as the dude that produced “Magnificent pt. 0” and “Nuthin’ Nice” from Majority Rules, but Dre is also a talented MC. He’s got some real bangers. Both solo stuff and beats that he’s got in the vault. And I’m talking I almost Earl of Sandwiched (thats puked for the uninformed) cause they were so sick. Not to give too much away, I’ll be doing some serious work with Dre in the coming months. For now if you want to hear me on Dre’s beats, cop the album!

Impy and TJ getttin’ that Street Hoops in.

Nowadays I’m on some if there isn’t any money out there, I’m not comin’ out the house. No disrespect to event coordinators or whatever, but I just got work to handle. Feel me? Last night I went out to Turntable and had a blast. First I got my money for some work PLUS sold a couple CD’s and then just got to chill with my peoples. Zen came through, Sean Toure ripped it with a little help from yours truly, Substantial did his ting and fucking Chip Fu (yes from Fu Schnickens) fucking murdered it! If you don’t know, do like Clinton Sparks said and get familiar.

So tonight instead of going out me, TJ and Impulse are playing NBA Street and drinking a handle of Captain. Hence the picture from above. Impy is in a new spot which is pretty nice. We got the dranks and some snacks and the video games. Only one thing missing… nah never mind.

Anyway, hope everyone is having and continue to have a great Memorial Day weekend.


~E to tha Maj


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