Weekend Shows



Trying to rev up the crowd at roller derby.

So this weekend was supposed to be really chill but I was asked to do a second performance on Saturday at “the house that Scion built,” and I ended up having a REALLY busy weekend.

Friday was pretty chill. I stayed in the house and worked on some design ideas for DUMB HEAVY but really didn’t come up with much. I watched a little of the Laker game which proved to be really exciting, going into overtime. (Lake Show went home with the dub though and I wasn’t happy about that.)

Saturday I had to get up early and take care of some errands but then I headed to The DC Armory for a performance at the DC Roller Girls “bout” as they call it. My homegirl who goes by Demonica Lewinski, is part of the team called Secretaries of Hate. I learned that these types of names are actually pretty standard. Roller derby is an interesting sport to say the least. There’s a touch of irony sewn throughout the whole event. Everyone takes these devilish names and dress up in costumes that lean toward the satanic but it’s all very goofy and fun.

Center court, rockin’ out.

The bout itself was entertaining and the sport is really difficult. By the end of it, I found myself having a loose understanding of the way points are scored and so forth but not so much the rules and penalties. Unfortunately my friend’s team didn’t win. They did pretty well to to start but couldn’t sustain the intensity against the other team named Scare Force One, who took control in the second half of the bout and won by a sizable margin.

I performed after that and the crowd was really cool. Not being my normal crowd I didn’t know how they’d react. They gave me a good response and even though the sound was kind of weird due to the “huge-ocity” of the room, I still rocked it out a little something.

I had to immediately make the trip back up to B’more to perform at the Scion Location: Baltimore. It’s a really cool house that AM Radio and Scion tricked out. It has murals and art and DJ’s and everything else that a hip hop head could want. Needless to say, this was a little more my speed.

Peep the jawn in the back, feelin’ your boy.

What was weird is that we performed in the smallest room in the house. The crowd that was able to squeeze in was really receptive though, and a few people recognized me either from hearing me on 89.3 or from my video. That’s always weird to me. People always tell me to get used to it cause it’ll only happen more but it’s still a bug out.

After that I had to skate out to the county for some family stuff, (My LITTLE sister is ENGAGED!!!) and by the time that was done I was ready for bed.

Today was pretty uneventful but I came up with some designs for DUMB HEAVY for the collab that we got coming with Avalon that I think are straight heat rocks. This has been a real long process and I hope the Avalon folks understand, but we just want this thing to be so right and to really represent both of our companies in a way that shows what we’re all about. I think I got some shit though for real for real.

Anyway, back to the day job tomorrow but this week after work hours, I’m gonna focus on getting some final designs together for this collab and to also get some things recorded for my latest project. Yeah that right bitches, I STAY working. Catch up. 🙂

Love is love,

~E Major