Video Shoot, More Pub

Me and the “multi media artist” zu_keeny.


I am a little late on this but my man Mr. Shadeed has put up the full interview with your boy. It’s a pretty cool interview, so you should check it out on Indie Planet.

Me and keeny have been talking about the video shoot this weekend. I think it’s gonna be really dope. It’s for “Make It” produced by the Heroes 4 Hire. Definitely check for me on their upcoming release, “Sex, Drugs & Chopped Up Soul”. I think Pale said that’ll be out in a month or so. I love these guys so much, I’m considering lifting my ban on Pale’s dancing. (Just kidding, no dancing Pale.)

On the design front, I’m doing a lot of freelance so that’s keeping me busy. The DUMB HEAVY shirts for Avalon are getting pressed up and should be back soon.

OH! And I got the actual CD’s for “Majority Rules” coming I think the second week of May. If they look half as good as I think they’ll look, they’re gonna be dope. I’d appreciate that if you really like (or love) “Majority Rules” that you put some dough out and cop one of these limited edition CD’s.

That’s it for today kids. Get at me.


~E Major