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Majority Rules OKP Review

A screenshot of the Okayplayer review.


Yes it’s absolutely true, I do not rest. I mean I try to get my beauty sleep but I’m usually dreaming about what I can do next musically or “grind-wise.” So a while back I sent the good folks at Okayplayer an early download of “Majority Rules” and being the good people that they are, they followed through and wrote about the album today. Well they published it today at least. And it was a quite favorable review. You can probably read the details in the above image but in case you want to head directly to the article you can go HERE. A review by OKP is always a good look and we really hope it gets some shine for the album.

I’m also asking that all of you pass the record on to someone that you know will like it. If you downloaded it for free I WANT you to pirate it. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of music out there. So much that it’s hard to know what you want to take a chance on. If you download it and love it then in a couple weeks we’ll have the physical CD online for purchase and you can feel free to buy it then. You can of course also buy a T shirt to support. You can do this soon online but they’re also available at my shows.


HG2 Show Flier


Speaking of shows, Ab Rock and myself have another show this Friday at the Turntable Club. We want to give those of you who couldn’t make it to the first joint a chance to come through. This will also be the premier of Ab’s video for “Who Do You Think You Are?” directed by Hilton Carter and edited by our own zu_keeny. It’s a REALLY dope video. So please come through and party with us. It should be a good time.

As ALWAYS, thank you all for riding with us. Lets keep this thing going HEAVY!


~E Major