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Ab Rock Video Still

Video Still From Ab Rock’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” Directed by Hilton Carter.


Peace Under Sound Family. For those that haven’t yet seen it, head over to to see Ab Rock’s video for “Who Do You Think You Are?” The video, of course directed by the genius boy wonder, Hilton Carter, was edited by our own zu_keeny and features cameo’s from Yours Truly and Young Zen. So even though Ab’s not an official Under Sound artist, we made it an Under Sound celebration. That’s just how we do it. Marc Evans is the man behind the voice in the video and if you don’t know “GET FAMILIAR!

SIDE NOTE: Hilton conceived the idea for this video BEFORE “Flashing Lights” or “I Know” came out so the whole “video without the rapper rappin'” shit was not done when Mr. Carter dreamed it up. Those other cats just so happen to hit MTV and BET before we did. All love though. 🙂


Sean Bell

Sean Bell, his fiance and their daughter.


WTF happened in that Sean Bell case for real? I mean there should have been SOME deliberation. The shit was like “open and shut” for the judge and to me that’s simply BS. Anyone who doesn’t think that 50 shots for some unarmed dudes is excessive needs their brain checked. Now if someone did say “Go get my gun” as a cop you say, freeze don’t move. We’re cops. We will shoot you’re ass.” As someone living in NYC post Amadou Diallo, anyone would have stopped what they were doing. And even if they didn’t don’t you think shooting once is enough? If I started to pull off and someone that I knew was a cop shot at me I’d stop immediately, cause I know those cats are not playing.

The issue that made it so easy to decide was that Bell’s boys didn’t have their story straight. Apparently the story changed here and there as they told it. This is simple for real. Everyone knows that during and incident it’s easy as hell to get the facts a little mixed up. And cops got that shit to a science. They know “Keep them boys apart and don’t let them get their story straight.” So you can’t say shit and if you do when you get together with your boys you put all your stories together in a cohesive narrative kid. I’ve been in situations that were not as serious as this one and me and mine knew that we gotta have ONE story.

So this is a mess and I’m sure there was some wrong doing by the officers. Even if it was just a terrible mistake I hope that they can in some way make it known that they are sorry. It’s hard to say, but you know that those cops have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives and that’s not easy.

To not try to end on such a sour note, I just want to talk about the video shoot which ya’ll might know is tomorrow. We got Jay from IndeoTV that’s gonna be on the camera, zu_keeny on his directorial debut, my moms is gonna make a cameo, it’s gonna be a beautiful thing. Hope it won’t take too long to get things all wrapped and we hope to have it to the world around the middle of May.

Until next week ya’ll. Peace… please.

~E Major