“Make It’ Video Shoot


On the Scene.


It’s a wrap kid!!!  We just got done shooting the video for the second single off of “Majority Rules” called “Make It.” These things are not easy man.  I love videos.  I love watching them, and I love having my own professional grade vids.  The only thing is that they can be really tiring.  It’s two days of all day hard work.  I used to think like “What’s so hard?  You rap at a camera.”  But it’s really not easy.  This was zu_keeny’s first time pulling directorial duties and I think he killed it.  I didn’t get to view dailies or anything but what I did sneak a peak at looked great.  Also directly behind the camera was our man Jay from IndeoTv.  He was a HUGE help and we’re very thankful he was able to be there this weekend.

The whole premise is simple.  It’s just one of the ones in front of a white background but we really tried to focus on the feeling of the song and show some of the people in my life and show some scenes I describe in the song.   It’s produced by Heroes 4 Hire, who made an appearance for the video along with my man TJ, Mike Kno, J Berd and Ton of Makeshift Delux, DJ Face, Verbz, Dre Belovit, and of course Young Zen. (All of whom where in the posse shot.) Keeny was so busy behind the camera he didn’t even make a cameo, but it’s all good.  We’ll continue to put our boy on blast.



Myself and Brittney J.


We had Brittney J. back for the video.  You might remember her as the girl that I picked at the end of “Nuthin’ Nice.”  She got a little different role then she had in “Nuthin’ Nice” and she did a great job. She’s supposed to be my crush that wasn’t exactly feeling me. (You win some, you lose some…eh.)  We also had Krystal come out and be a “fly” woman and she did just that.  I didn’t want this to be another “Nuthin’ Nice” with girls all over the whole thing.  I just wanted to illustrate some of the songs narrative parts so we kept the eye candy to a minimum while still bringing in some beautiful ladies.

My family also made an appearance.  All of my sibs came through as well as my momma and my nephew Anshuman even made a cameo.  My younger sister Megan also did makeup which was a huge help.  If you need to hire a professional makeup artist, get at me and I’ll put you in touch.

This is going to be a really fun but personal vid so it’s going to be special.  I hope as many people check this one out as did “Nuthin’ Nice” and I hope you all enjoy it.  There’s gonna be some weeks editing (cats do have full time gigs) and it should be up for viewing sometime in mid May.  Just in time for when the physical copies of “Majority Rules” will be back.  Don’t sleep, if you haven’t DL’d it yet just click that nice little pic to the top right there and get it for FREE right now.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered their time, sweat and talents to making this happen.  I can’t wait to see the completed project.


~E Major