Ramping up for “Majority Rules”

Majority Rules Cover

“Majority Rules” Cover. Photo by Aaron Keeny, Design by Jose Mertz.

Peace Under Sound Family,


This is E Major. I’ll be writing on the this blog from time to time. You can also read some “ish” from you boy at my other blog.

So I’m writing today cause I’m super excited about the release of “Majority Rules” tomorrow. If you’re even slightly observant and are reading this you probably noticed that the link is already available to the right. All you have to do is join our mailing list. EASY! For those that don’t want to join the mailing list you can get the album in installments from my Myspace. That’ll be starting tomorrow though.

I just read the 1st online review of “Majority Rules” by the City Paper’s Al Shipley over on his blog Government Names. (just scroll down.) He gave a really positive review which as an artist is always good to read. I’m going to try to put together a PDF with the producers names and everything ASAP to have as part of the download. I’ll also have some fun facts and whatnot as part of that. For right now it’s just the music though and if you have any questions about producers and whatnot then just get at me and ask.

Tonight myself and Impulse are going to be going down to WPFW 89.3 to be part of DJ 2 Tone’s show Decypher and to let folks know to come to this site and download the album. We’ll also be promoting the party which is going down on Wednesday.

For those that don’t know. We’re doing a double album release for myself and my homeboy Ab Rock. It’s all going down on Wednesday from 8pm to midnight at Fletchers in Fells Point, right here in Baltimore City. The cost is $12 at the door and the show starts early so get down there, get a parking spot and get in the door EARLY! This is going to be amazing show. Ab and myself are performing with live bands. I’m sure Ab’s band is rocking as it always is and the band that I assembled for this is BANANAS. Let me just say that I have string players coming through. That’s all I’mma say for now. Don’t miss this shit. “Might could be” show of the year.

Lets GO!