Ramaj Eroc & [w] – Feelings EP

My man Ramaj is a super consistent MC. Whether he’s spitting over trap beats or soulful sampled tracks, his voice and delivery are always on point. I’ve also been checking for the producer that goes by [w] for a minute now so when I saw they have an EP together I had to take some time and really listen to it. It might be my favorite project Ramaj has dropped. I think he and [w] really compliment each other. Check it out, follow Ramaj on Soundcloud and let him know what you think of the project!

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Bond Street District – A Church on Vulcan


Bond Street District is out with their new album, A Church on Vulcan. Their first album Everybody so Sleepy was one of my favorites from 2014. They really have a sound that incorporates everything I love and loved about Hip Hop. It’s not old school, but still has some aspects of classic Hip Hop. And DDm has BARS, fam!

After you check out the above teaser head over to www.bondstdistrict.com to get the album!

~E Major